The Ministers


JimRevd Jim Thorneycroft


"I was inducted as minister of Hassocks URC on the 4th October 2014. My wife Sue and I moved into Hassocks in August. We have settled in well and are both enjoying living in the village and making new friends.

I started my working life as a shepherd and had a 30 year career in farming prior to being called to full time ministry in the United Reformed Church in 1995. Sue and I have three children and four grandchildren and this is our fourth pastorate having had churches in Essex, Dorset, Kent and now Sussex. The church here is a very warm and friendly group of Christians who want to welcome people into the fellowship and share with them the love of Jesus Christ. We all come from different backgrounds and have a variety of gifts and life experience but have one thing in common which is our love for the Lord Jesus and his gospel message."  

DarrylRevd Darryl Sinclair


The Revd Darryl Sinclair works with young people and their families. You will see her at  Pilots, Scallywags and Baby Station.  Whether leading worship or not, she will normally be found at the church on Sunday mornings.  She is also a part-time teaching assistant at Windmills Junior School.  Darryl was ordained a United Reformed Church minister in 2009.  She is a fan of Star Trek, so she is used to new challenges … and boldly going where no one has gone before!