The Minister

DarrylA message from our minister, the Revd Darryl Sinclair, who is pictured outside the Hassocks Food Bank


We are living in unprecedented times; all of us are having to adapt to new ways of living and of relating to one another.  It is a time of uncertainty and many may view the future with trepidation and fear. But we do not have to let our fears and worries overwhelm us,  for Jesus said, 'I am the light of the world. Whoever follows me will never walk in darkness but have the light of life.'


It is natural that we feel anxious about our own health and safety and for those we love and care for. Concerns about loss of employment, a drop in wages and job insecurity are understandable.  However,  the disciple Peter wrote that we can cast all our anxiety on God,  because he cares for us.


In all we are experiencing,  it has been heartening to hear about, and witness, the care and concern shown by folk in the village. The way in which people are looking out for one another and keeping in touch in a whole variety of ways.  The generosity shown through donations at the Food Bank, organised by the Anglican Parish and hosted by the United Reformed Church.  And it seems to me that people are always ready with a wave and a cheery 'Hello' - at an appropriate distance of course.


As I cycle round the village, taking my daily exercise, I have lost count of the number and variety of rainbows that have appeared in windows.  The rainbow, is a sign of hope and a sign that, Christians believe, reminds us that despite the current circumstances God has not deserted us.


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